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Dear Backers!

Our project ContactShip is in the making and we have something excited to announce! Your ideas can be a design choice worth for our development and we are also looking for alpha testers! It's important to understand what YOU want, so we made a small survey to fill in your ideas so your thoughts can flow in our concept!

Take part! 🙂

What style of ContactShip user are you?
Find your story and your benefits …

Welcome to the style guide. Are you ...

Marvin Many

Marvin has 10 Times John in his phone book.

Just the first name and a phone number.

How ContactShip helps you:

When you create a new contact you can instantly enter where and when you met. And if you forget to do it, you can still compare the creation dates of your contacts with your calendar.

Rayne Rating

Rayne loves to write diaries.

And her comments are very honest (maybe not always nice).

How ContactShip helps you:

You can rate contacts and insert a status and you can rate every single of your entries – from his new look to the last conversation.

Lora Long Ago

Lora has many old contact in her address book.

All without any date information.

How ContactShip helps you:

You can revise your contacts and the actualisation will be documented with a time stamp. You can also set control intervals so that you don’t forget anyone in the future.

Forest Forgetful

Forest works with a lot of sticky notes and programs.

But he still can’t find anything anymore.

How ContactShip helps you:

You can save everything you want direct with the contact, structured with sections and categories. In this way no information is lost and you can even set reminders.

Sarah Safe

Sara always keeps different copies of everything.

This makes it hard for her to find the actual information.

How ContactShip helps you:

You have a copy of your data on our central data base which runs at a ISO27001 certified hosting provider. You can connect your account to several devices and you also can make additional backups.

Lisa List

Lisa loves to make lists of everything.

Because she wants them for her planning.

How ContactShip helps you:

You can create groups and lists and even convert your lists into groups. You can filter for attributes, interactions, ratings and time stamps. You have a world of possibilities for your lists.

Stan Statistics

Stan can make a statistic out of everything.

But he doesn’t know how many of his friends like sushi.

How ContactShip helps you:

Thought the combination of adding and rating nearly any type of information for your contacts and the list features, you can easily generate a list of sushi lovers and haters.

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