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Dear Backers!

Our project ContactShip is in the making and we have something excited to announce! Your ideas can be a design choice worth for our development and we are also looking for alpha testers! It's important to understand what YOU want, so we made a small survey to fill in your ideas so your thoughts can flow in our concept!

Take part! 🙂

Why is ContactShip not completely for free?

We would love to be a free service but a reliable IT-infrastructure and the salary of qualified employees do cost a lot of money. That is also the reason why companies around the word spend so much money on their IT to be successful. And to be honest, the more and more different data protection demands of the governments of the different countries don’t make our life easier.

Why don’t you earn your money only with advertisement?

Earning money with advertisement is a really hard business – and we are more into data management after all. We also don't enjoy apps spammed with advertisements. Imagine you would need to wait for 30 seconds before you can view your next contact. We believe advertisement kills the user experience and makes users stop using apps! That is the reason we will only have advertisements on our website and not in the app itself.

Founder Ankit Vij

Ankit Vij
Founder ContactShip

Here are the prices for our subscriptions:

Sub­scription Free Premium temp­orary feature
Price Free $8.99 a month $1
Available Google Play Store Google Play Store in App
Minimum term Without 1 month 1 time/­month
Cancel Google Play Store Google Play Store Without
Online storage 250 Mb 500 Mb Without

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