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Dear Backers!

Our project ContactShip is in the making and we have something excited to announce! Your ideas can be a design choice worth for our development and we are also looking for alpha testers! It's important to understand what YOU want, so we made a small survey to fill in your ideas so your thoughts can flow in our concept!

Take part! 🙂

Never forget about a person you care.

Just create reminders and appointments for your contacts. Your interactions with them will be stored directly with their contact details. Premium subscriptions will also allow automatic contact reminders.
Never forget about a person you care for
Rating 5

Guard every information that matter.

Just add the information to the contact. There are sections and categories to organize the information so that you can find it again later on. Premium user also can create their own categories.
Never forget something important
Rating 5

Rate likes and dislikes.

You can rate each entry of your contacts and you can also rate each contact itself. A rating symbol shows you instandly what a person likes and dislikes (or what you like or dislike about a person). Premium subscriptions allow lists to filter contacts and their attributes by ratings.
Rate likes and dislikes
Rating 5

Plan events, phone calls and meetings.

Create new events in a few touches. You can choose between single and recurring events and you can also create anniversaries. For each person you meet during a event you can create a separate interaction where you can leave a comment and a rating. This entry will be displayed with the contact details.
Plan events, phone calls and meetings
Rating 5

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