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We included a big user manual to this page where you can read everything about the features and functions of the ContactShip App and get to know our concept. Here you will find answers to most questions:

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Frequently asked questions

What is ContactShip about?

ContactShip is a personal and private relationship manager. It’s meant to replace your device address book and provides you with many functions to get a better overview of the people you know.

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How do I use the user manual?

The user manual follows the different views of the ContactShip App. It always shows an overview picture of the view with the functions and numbers next to them.

If you scroll down you can find the function by its number and read the explanation. There is also a short introduction about what the view is about and what you can do there.

How do I install the ContactShip App?

Visit the ContactShip App download in the Google Play Store and tap on “download”. Afterwards please follow the instructions of the setup process.

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How do I access the main menu?

Open the ContactShip App and tap on the “three lines” symbol up left to enter the main menu. The main menu is only accessible from the contact list view.

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Why do I get a popup stating “This is a Premium feature?”

ContactShip so far has two types of subscriptions for our users: Free users and premium users.

Free users can use most of the features of the app but not all of them. Some convenient features and the multi device synchronization can't be used. If you see this popup you tried to use a feature for premium users only and If you want to proceed you need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

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How do I create a new contact?

Just open the ContactShip App and tap on “+” in the contact list. The new contact view will open, and you can start creating your new entry.

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How do I access or edit a contact?

Tap on a contact to open it in the single contact view. Now you can add and edit information. Be aware that ContactShip App manages a lot more information per contact as you are used to from other apps. You can edit basic details by tapping on “Edit basic data” the other entries you need so slide left and tap the “pencil” symbol.

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What is the field “relation” about?

Relation means your personal relation to the contact. The relations of the contact with other people you can save in the “Friend Circle” section of the contact.

By the way, you can find an overview of your family and friends in the standard lists Friends and Family - and that is completely automatic.

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Why is there a distinction between birthday, birthdate and age?

Sometimes you just might not know in which year somebody was born, or you only know his or her age. In the ContactShip App you can work with any information you have.

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How do I create my own categories?

Creating categories is a premium feature of the ContactShip App, therefore you need to be a premium user to use it. But there are a lot of categories already available in the description section.

Klick on the “menu” symbol on the left, choose “categories” and tap on “plus”. You can only create categories for “descriptions” like items, not for occasions, interactions, groups, friend relations, contact data etc.

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How do I restore a deleted contact or attribute?

When you delete a contact, the system marks it as old. If you tap on “old contacts” you are able to restore the contact. If you delete the contact in the old contact view as well, it is gone for good.

The same applies to attributes, occasions etc. Go to a single contact, the occasion view, or an occasion, tap on the three dots symbol, tap on old/deleted “entries” and search for the entry and restore it. Unfortunately, some basic attributes can’t be restored.

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How do occasions and interactions work?

An occasion is an event in the future or the past like a phone call or a party. We distinguish between single occasions and recurring occasions.

During one occasion you can communicate or interact with different people, which is why we introduced interactions. You can add an unlimited number of interactions with different contacts per occasion. Recurring occasions can have interactions with different dates. When you open a certain occasion date, we only show you the interactions of that date.

A nice way to work with it:
You have an occasion in the future, therefore you put it in the ContactShip App. During the occasion you interact with three people. After the event you add an interaction per person to the occasion and that’s it. You can also enter a comment and a rating per interaction. The interactions are displayed with the occasion in the scheduler and also with the contact in the “Contact history” section.

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How do I create an occasion?

The easiest way to create a group or list is to tap on “Occasion” in the main menu and to tap “+” afterwards.

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What is the difference between a group and a list?

A group is a manual selection of people while a list is an automated selection of people calculated from criteria you have defined before.

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How do I create a group or list?

The easiest way to create a group or list is to tap on “Lists & Groups” in the main menu and then tap “+”.

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Why is my list not working?

Lists are the most complex feature of the ContactShip App therefore it’s easy to make mistakes during the configuration. We recommend you to read the article “How to structure your list” and the two articles about list conditions as it is too complex to offer a shortcut here.

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