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How do I install the ContactShip App?

Just visit the ContactShip App download page in the Google Play Store and klick on “download”. There is no App for iPhone in the moment.

How do I create a new contact?

Just open the app and click on “+” in the contact list view.

Create Contact

How do occasions and interactions work?

An occasion is an event in the future or the past (like a phone call or a party). We distinguish between single occasion and recurring once.

During one occasion you can communicate or interact with different people, which is why we introduced interactions. You can add an unlimited number of interactions with different contacts per occasion. Recurring occasion can have interactions with different dates. When you open an certain occasion date we only show you the interactions of that date.

A nice way to work with it:
You have an occasion in the future, therefore you put it in ContactShip App. During the occasion you interact with three people. After the event you add the interaction information to the occasion and that’s it. The interactions are also displayed with the contact in the “Contact history” section.

Oaccasions Interactions

Why is there a distinction between birthday and birthdate a?

Sometimes you just might not know in which year somebody was born, or you only know his or her age. With this options you can always type it in.


What is the field “relation” about?

This means your personal relation to the contact. The relations of the contact with other people you can save in the “Friend Circle” section of the contact.

By the way, you can find an overview of your family and friends in the standard lists Friends and Family - and that completely automatically.


How do I create my own category?

You want to use a category which is not there? Unfortunately, only elite user can create their own categories. If we forgot a very basic category, please write us an email, we will check it out.

You are an elite user? Klick on the “menu” symbol on the left, choose “categories” and klick on “plus”. Elite users can only create categories for “descriptions” like items, not for occasions, interactions, groups, friend relations, contact data etc.

custom category

How do I restore a deleted contact or attribute?

When you delete a contact the system marks it as old. If you click on “old contacts” you are able to restore the contact. If you delete the contact in the old contact view as well, it is gone for good.

The same is valid for attributes, occasions etc. Go to a single contact, the occasion view or an occasion, press on the three dots symbol, press on old/deleted items and search for the item and restore it. Unfortunately, some basic attributes can’t be restored.

restore deleted items

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