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Dear Backers!

Our project ContactShip is in the making and we have something excited to announce! Your ideas can be a design choice worth for our development and we are also looking for alpha testers! It's important to understand what YOU want, so we made a small survey to fill in your ideas so your thoughts can flow in our concept!

Take part! 🙂

How companies become successful.

Big companies spend millions and even more on their IT-infrastructure to manage their contacts and customers. They develop systems to support their staff to keep track of every important information.
And that makes them successful!
Business IT

With ContactShip we give you something similar for your every day life – fitting to your needs.

For you we combine the features of address books, CRM systems, rating tools and list and task manager to a single 360 degree contact management solution. With backups and a high data protection standard.
Our solution

Here is our feature list for registered users:

Feature Free Premium
Create and edit contacts and their attributes Yes Yes
Rate contacts and attributes Yes Yes
Search and filter Yes Yes
Occasions and interactions Yes Yes
Groups Yes Yes
Standard lists* Basic Extended
Contact photos per contact 1 10
Custom lists* No Yes
Automatic reminders No Yes
Convert lists to groups* No Yes
Cusstom categories No Yes
Connected devices 1 3
Backups (always in addition)* Google Drive Local
* In future also available as temporary feature (please check limitations in our terms and conditions).

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