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Synchronisation of local contacts

The ContactShip App creates it’s own database on your device during the installation. During setup or later on in the sync view you decide which contacts you want to include in the ContactShip App. You can choose the device or any of the accounts connected to it. You can’t select a single contact but you can select only your Google contacts or a combination of accounts.

Import of data to Contactship App

In the next step the ContactShip App makes a copy of the contacts from your selected accounts in it’s own database. This includes the information which contact in the ContactShip database belongs to which contact of your local device database.

To identify which contact in your local address book belongs to which contact inside the ContactShip app, the app adds a unique identifier (ContactShip ID) to each contact in your local address book. If you ever want to remove ContactShip app from your device you have the posibility to remove this identifier from your contacts through the ContactShip settings page.

If you import your Google Contacts or contacts from other online or exchange accounts to the ContactShip app there will be a longer sync after your import through those accounts.

ContactShip App replaces the device address book

The idea of the ContactShip App is that you use it as your main address book and therefore you create or change contacts inside it and not anymore in your local standard address book.

Contact update function

If you change or delete a contact later on inside the ContactShip App it will change the information also on your local device (This is only valid for names and phone numbers).

Contact create and delete function

If you create a new contact in the ContactShip App, you decide, in which account of your local device it will create a copy of the contact and keep it synchronized.

If you change or delete contacts in your local address book the changes won’t be committed to the ContactShip App database. Therefore please make those change inside the ContactShip App.

If you create contacts in your local address book (or in any of the accounts connected to your device) you need to restart the synchronization process manually to copy them in the ContactShip App.

Why it is better to work inside the ContactShip App

The ContactShip App provides a better data management and it doesn’t delete old or changed entries right away. For example if you delete pr change something out of accident it will be just marked as old. In this way you can recover it later.

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Overview synchronization view

Functions highlighted

You can access the synchronization view by tapping on “Sync local contacts” in the main menu.

In this view you see the accounts connected with your device and you can select them to synchronize them to the ContactShip App.

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Following information are displayed

  • Some of the basic details (First name, last name, gender, birthdate, age, marked status, rating and photo)
  • The contact data section with the contact details you have guarded
  • Options to show more or edit basic data
  • Options to change the section, filter categories, sort and search entries

Features and functions

(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on “X” to close the synchronization view and to return to the contact list view.

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(2) select an account

Where to tap
Accounts selected

Tap on a entry to select it. You can select multiple accounts

(3) sync contacts

Where to tap
Contacts imported message

Tap “SYNC CONTACTS” to synchronize the data of your local address book to your ContactShip App. The system displays how many contacts you import and save in the app during the import. It takes around 1 minute for 1.000 contacts.

Summary contact synchronization

  • You can access this sync view by tapping "Sync local contacts" in the main menu
  • It's about which contacts you want to manage in the app
  • You decide manually from which of the accounts connected to your device you want to include
  • ContactShip doesn't sync new contacts automatically into the app therefore you should create new contacts inside the ContactShip App
  • ContactShip App is made to replace your device address book
  • ContactShip synchronizes changes to the contacts and their contact details inside the app with the local device database
  • If you delete a contact in the ContactShip App it's also deleted in your device address book