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Overview of the sections & basic functions

Functions highlighted

You can access the single contact view bei tapping on a contact in the contact list view, single list and single group view and in the interaction view of a single occasion. You will see some basic information and the contact details of the person.

The single contact view unites all the information of one single contact. From here you can quickly browse through the different data section and even access automated lists. Each section contains it’s own unique features and you can search and create new entries with one tap.

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Following information are displayed

  • Some of the basic details (First name, last name, gender, birthdate, age, marked status, rating and photo)
  • The contact data section with the contact details you have guarded
  • Options to show more or edit basic data
  • Options to change the section, filter categories, sort and search entries

Main features in comparison to other apps

Easily structure a lot of information

Standard address books and personal CRM solutions don’t offer the possibility to really structure the data you save with your contacts. This isn’t very important for the start but after a few months or maximum a couple of years you will end up with giant tag clouds, overloaded contact views and it will become hard or even impossible to find the information you need. ContactShip takes a different approach and structures your data in sections, categories and attributes right from the start. This gives you the structure you need even if you manage hundreds of information per contact.

Automated lists point out the most important and actual facts

ContactShip’s single contact view includes automated lists for marked and rated items. In two touches you have an instant overview of all the things a person likes or dislikes. You can sort them by their update dates and therefore have all actual entries on the top. Use this instant briefing before a call or meetup to catch up with all relevant information in seconds.

Features and functions

(1) close contact

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap “X” to close the contact. You will return to the view you visited before (contact list, another single contact, a group, list or an occasion)

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Where to tap
Menu displayed

The short menu so far contains two features:

  1. Show the old attributes
  2. Delete the contact

Tap on the “three dots” symbol and than on the function you want to us.

(2.1) show the old attributes
Old Attribute View

ContactShip App uses different features to secure your data. If you delete or change an entry of one of your contacts the old data isn’t deleted right away but marked as old. There are a few exceptions for basic details. In the old attributes view you can view, search, restore or delete most of the old entries.

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(2.2) delete the contact
delete popup

If you tap on “DELETE” the contact will be marked “as old” and will disappear from your contact list. If you tap on “CANCEL” you return to the single contact view. If you delete a contact it will also be removed from your device address book.

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(3) change section

Where to tap
Section selector
Description section displayed

When you enter the single contact view ContactShip App displays the contact data so that you can start a call, write an email or visit a social media profile with one tap. If you want to swap to another section just tap on “Section” and the section selector will open. Now you can access the other data sections: “descriptions, contact history, friend & circle, custom or groups” or you can open the automated lists “Likes, Dislikes or Marked”. Just tap the section you want to access or “Cancel” the selector.

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(4) scroll list

Where to tap
Start up
Scrolled down

Scroll the contact up and down to navigate through its entries.

(29) create new entry (short description)

Where to tap
New entry displayed

Tap “+” to create a new entry of your selected category. This function is explained for each section because it differs for each of it.

Where to tap
Keyboard displayed
Write search term

To search an entry tap on “search” and the keyboard opens. The search works while typing and searches the entries of the current section.

7) search all sections

Where to tap
Keyboard displayed
Value typed

If you tap on the “search” symbol next to the search field you will search in all of the sections.

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Summary single contact view

  • You access this view through the contact list view by tapping on a contact.
  • The data is structured in sections and you can change the section with the section selector.
  • You can search in one or all the sections.
  • Each section has different quick functions.
  • With “+” you create a new entry for a section.
  • You can access marked, liked and disliked items directly trough the section selector.