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Overview edit basic data modus

Functions highlighted

In the edit modus of the single contact view you can change or add basic details. To leave the edit modus scroll down and tap on “CANCEL” or “SAVE”. Your changes are only saved if you tap “SAVE”. The “X” on the top left closes the single contact view and doesn’t exit the edit modus.

In ContactShip we differentiate between a few basic details of your contacts and the rest of the information that you want to guard. Basic details are information like first name, last name, nick name, birthdate and the social relation to you. They are the only fixed attributes in ContactShip, the rest you define yourself while using the app.

We not just offer a few spots to enter custom information the whole app is about saving any info about your contacts you want to guard.

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Features and functions

(1) cancel changes

Where to tap
Single Contact View

By tapping “CANCEL” you will close the edit modus and will return to the single contact view without saving the changes. Therefore please only use it if you really don’t want to save the changes you did, because aof them will be lost (there is no “back”).

(2) save changes

Where to tap
Single Contact View

By tapping “SAVE” you will save the changes and return to the single contact view.

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(3) mark contact

Where to tap
contact marked

Tap on the box on the left to “mark” or “unmark” a contact. Marked contacts will be displayed in the marked contact list. With this features you can point out people you want to keep in focus.

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(4) rate contact

Where to tap
Rating displayed
Rated contact

Tap the “rate” symbol to rate the contact. You can choose between 5 ratings (green to red) or not rated (grey). Rating makes it easier for you to have a fast overview of the people you know. You can point out the people you like to hang out with and also those who make you feel uncomfortable or bad. This little colored arrows help you to decide at once who to spend your time with and who not to. You can also use rating information as criteria for lists..

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(5) select/make photo

Where to tap
Choose source

Tap the “camera” symbol to make a photo with your camera or to choose one of your device gallery. The photo is saved in the ContactShip App and will be stored in the Backups (Google Drive) and also will be synchronized to your other device if you are a premium user. The size of the photo is reduced while saving it into the app.

Choose “Camera” to make a new photo or “Gallery” to use a existing one from your device storage.

Tap “Cancel” to continue without a contact photo.

5.1 Camera and media permissions (first use only)
Permission camera
Permission gallery

When you use the photo feature for the first time you need to give ContactShip App the permissions to access the camera and the photo gallery of your device. Please tap “ALLOW” for both permissions.

5.2 Make new photo
Camera screen

ContactShip App uses your Android standard photo app to make a new photo. You can switch to front and back camera and you can use flashlight and timer. Take the photo by tapping on the round button.

Gallery screen

ContactShip App uses your standard phone browser to search and select a photo. You can navigate through your photo gallery by tapping on the folders and you can select a photo by tapping it.

5.4 Display of photo selected
Single Contact View edit modus

The photo is displayed with the contact.

You can change the photo later on. Premium users can save up to 10 photos per contact free users 3.

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(6) & (7) write first name / last name

Where to tap
Name typed

Tap on “Firstname” or “Lastname” to open the keyboard and to enter the name. Please try not to use the “Lastname” field for further information like “Donald” “from Billiard-Night” or “Donald” “Mikes friend”.

With ContactShip App you don’t need to do this anymore because it’s easy to save this kind of information at the right place in a few seconds and it makes those comments even more useful.

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(8) select your social relationship

Where to tap
Relation status selector
Contact with selected status

ContactShip is about structuring your contacts in a very easy way. One option for this is the relation field. If you tap it, you can decide how your relation to the contact is:

  • Unknown: People you don’t know but are related to one of your contacts (for example the sister of a friend you haven’t met yet)
  • Acquaintance: People you met in person but you don’t know well
  • Friend: A friend
  • Family: A family member
  • Relationship: Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend

There is a standard list with all people you declared “family” which is calculated automatically and you can also create your own automated lists for this status field.

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(9) select automated reminder

Where to tap
Reminder status selector displayed
Reminder status selected

ContactShip wants to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your family, friend and people you meet. Therefore, we integrated the feature "automated reminders" in this app. But automated reminders shouldn't be about spamming you with notifications about people you should call and therefore we decided to created the "keep touch" page which you can access through the main menu. People you should contact again are displayed in that list.

Tap on "select reminder" to open the patten selector an tap on never, week, month, half-year or year. Through your interactions with the person ContactShip calculates who you should contact again:

  • never: the contact isn't displayed in the keep touch list at all
  • week: People you want to keep in touch at least once a week.
  • month: People you want to keep in touch at least once a month.
  • half-year: People you want to get in touch once half-year.
  • year: People you want to get in touch once a year.
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(10) Enter birthdate, birthday or age

Where to tap
Birthdate selected
Birthday selected

One of the difference between ContactShip App and other contact management solutions is how we handle birthdays. With ContactShip you have the possibility to save age related information in three different ways:

  1. Birthdate: This is the most typic way. You know the whole birthdate of someone and you save it.
  2. Birthday: You only know the month and the day (a lot of social media networks only show the birthday).
  3. Age: You only know the age of a person (it's also calculated when you set a birthdate).

Select the type you want to save by setting the “tick” and set the values.

Enter birthdate YYYY-MM-DD)
Birthdate selector
Select year
Select month and day

Tap on the “date” displayed to open the selectors. Tap on the "year" to open the year selector. Tap left or right from "month" to change the month and tap on "day" to select the day. Tap on "OK" to confirm or tap on "CANCEL".

Enter birthday MM-DD or age
Birthday selector
Age selector

To enter a birthday tap on the “day” next to birthday and open the selector. Choose the “month” and “day” and tap on “OK” (Changing the year has no effect).

To enter a age tap on the “number” next to age and type the number you want. Be aware that if you enter after decimal places and very large numbers you could cause errors therefore you shouldn’t do that.

The birthdays of all of you contacts are displayed in the “upcoming birhtdays” list.

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(11) select gender

Where to tap
Gender selector

To set a gender for a person, tap on “gender”, choose the fitting gender and tap on “OKAY”. You can create a list to show people of a specific gender in the list and group view.

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(12) & (13) & (14) write birth name / nick name / title

Where to tap
Keyboard opened
information entered

If you tap on “Birthname”, “Nickname” or “title” the keyboard will open and you can type or voice write the information.

(15) rate look

Where to tap
Rating selector displayed
Look rated

The field look can be used to rate the look, attractiveness, sympathy etc. from a person. You decide for yourself what you rate with this field. You can use the values for a automated calculated list.

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