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You can access the setting by tapping on “Backup” in the main menu. This view allows you to change your data sync settings and to access the backup view.

The data sync is only relevant for PREMIUM user. Be aware, that if you stop the device synchronization your data won't be exchanged with the ContactShip Server anymore and therefore, it won't be available for your other devices.

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Features and functions

(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on the arrow symbol to return to the contact list view.

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(2) open backup

Where to tap
Backup view

Tap on “backup” to access the backup view.

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(3) stop sync with server

Where to tap
Premium Popup
Sync stop activated

This function is only relevant for PREMIUM user. If you are a FREE user your data isn't synchronized with the ContactShip Server. To use this features, please select a PREMIUM subscription.

Tap on the controller (slides right and turns blue) to stop the data sync with the ContactShip Server. Your data of this device will not longer be available on the ContactShip Server as Backup nor for device synchronisation. If you stop the data sync you will lose security layers for your data.

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(4) remove ContactShip IDs

Where to tap
Premium Popup

To identify which contact in your local address book belongs to which contact inside the ContactShip app, the app adds a unique identifier (ContactShip ID) to each contact in your local address book. If you ever want to remove ContactShip app from your device you have the posibility to remove this identifier with this button. Tab on "remove" and on "remove" again

If you remove identifier from your Google Contacts or contacts from other online or exchange accounts there will be a longer sync afterwards through those accounts.

If you remove the identifier from your contacts they still remain inside the ContactShip app, but changes will no longer be transferred to the corresponding local contact. If you start another import of your contacts afterwards, the system will create duplicates within the ContactShip app.

Whenever you create a new contact in the ContactShip app, a contact is created in your local address book with a ContactShip ID.

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