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Why premium subscribers are so important for us

The premium subscription is the most important possibility for us to generate money to continue with this project and our company. As much we would love to be a free service, a reliable IT-infrastructure and the salary of qualified employees do cost a lot of money. That is also the reason why companies around the word spend so much money on their IT to be successful. We share these costs by offering all our users the opportunity to help us with a small regular contribution.

Therefore, if you want to support this project and you want that we continue with our development, please consider becoming a premium subscriber 😊

Thank you!

Harvinder & Matthias

Why we don’t finance this project with advertisement

TheEarning money with advertisement is a really hard business – and we are more into data management solutions after all. We also don't like apps spammed with advertisements.

Imagine you would need to wait for 30 seconds before you can view your next contact or to access a list. We believe advertisement kills the user experience and makes users stop using that app!

That are the reasons why we don’t show advertising in the ContactShip App.

How we decided which features are free and which are premium

Developing a fair concept for everybody, we decided to give out a fully functional app to all of our user but to include some convenience features to encourage you to go premium.

We also agreed that features which cost us real money should only be available for paying users as well. That are all features which need a server structure, like multi device synchronization and central backups.

To keep the management simple we decided to start with two plans: Free and premium.

And we work with monthly subscriptions because the infrastructure and salaries cost monthly as well.

We think about another subscription (Elite) for the future which will include statistics.

List of the features

Here is the central link to our premium functions overview:

ContactShip features overview

How the subscriptions work

When you install the ContactShip App the first time on one of your devices, you agree to our terms of services and data privacy policy during the setup process. After the setup you are registered as an user with a free subscription.

You can become a premium user anytime you want by upgrading your subscription to the paid one. The contractual term of the premium subscription is one month and it is extended automatically. If you decide to cancel your plan you will still have access to all features until the end of that billing period. Afterwards you will proceed as free user.

We use the services of Google LLC to manage our premium subscribers therefore you can manage your ContactShip subscription directly in your Google Play Store. Google charges 30% of the payments for their services (15% after the first year).

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