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You can cancel your premium subscription in a few taps and the premium features will stay available until the end of your billing period.

After your billing period expired you can still access and delete the data you have saved, but you can’t use the premium features to add or change entries.

Our system will also stop the synchronization of your data with our servers and your data will be deleted from them. The data on your devices will be keep intact but changes won’t be transferred between them anymore.

There are two ways to cancel your premium plan:

  1. Through the ContactShip App
  2. In the Google Play Store

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Steps to upgrade your plan

Through the ContactShip App

Payment View
Google Play Store

Your subscription is shown in the payment view. Tap on “Payments” in the main menu to access it. We are using Google to manage our customers therefore ContactShip App forwards you to the subscription section of the Google Play Store if you tap on the “wheel” symbol.

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In the Google Play Store

Google Play Store
Play Store Menu
Subscripions View

To manage your subscription directly in the Google Play Store access the Google Play Store, open the side menu and tap on “Subscriptions”.

Further steps to cancel your plan

Subscripions View
Manage subscription

Tap somewhere on the ContactShip license to access the further details. Now you have the options to change your payment method and to pause or cancel your subscription.

Tap on “Cancel subscription” to proceed.

Paus subscription
What's making you cancel
Question answered

Google offers you again the possibility to pause your subscription. Tap on “No thanks” if you want to terminate your subscription and select one of the options why you want to terminated and tap on “Continue”.

Cancel subscription?
Subscription canceld

The Google Play Store asks you one last time if you really want to cancel and you need to tap “Cancel subscription” to cancel it for good.

Afterwards you can leave the Google Play Store or you can resubscribe.

The premium functions of the ContactShip app are available to you until the end of your billing period.