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Overview of the Old Occasion View

Functions highlighted

You can access the old occasion view by tapping on the “three dots” up right in the occasion list view and afterwards on “Deleted occasions”. The old occasion view shows you the single or recurring occasions you have deleted. It' doesn’t show changes or deleted repetitions of recurring occasions.

With this two step deletion process ContactShip App ensures that most of your entries can’t be deleted by accident and there it is the first layer of our data security measures. For further security you can create backups in your Google Drive and if you become a premium user you can benefit from our central data severs and synchronization processes.

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Following information are displayed

  • Name and start date of the occasions
  • Option to restore or delete per occasion

Features and functions

(1) close view

Where to tap
Occasion List View

Tap on the “arrow left” on the top left to close the old occasions view and return to the scheduler.

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(2) restore occasion

Where to tap
Popup with confirmation
Occasion removed from old occasions

Tap on the “arrow left” left of an occasion to open the confirmation message. Tap on “CONFIRM” to remove the old status of the occasion and display it in the scheduler or on “CANCEL” to close the message without changes.

(3) delete occasion

Where to tap
Delete popup
Occasion deleted

Tap on the “trash”-symbol right of an occasion to open the deletion message. Tap on “DELETE” to remove the occasion for good or on “CANCEL” to close the message without changes.

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(4) scroll list

Where to tap
Scrolled list

Scroll the old occasion view up and down to navigate through the occasions.