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Overview of the Old Contact View

Functions highlighted

You can access the old contact view by taping on “Old contacts” in the main menu. The old contact view shows you the contacts you have deleted but that can still be restored.

With this two steps deletion process ContactShip App ensures that you can’t delete a contact out of accident and therefore it is the first layer of our data security measures. For further security you can create backups in your Google Drive and if you become a premium user you can benefit from our central data servers and synchronization processes.

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Following information are displayed

  • amount of selected items
  • default picture of the contact
  • first name and last name
  • your contact rating

Features and functions

(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on “X” to close the old contact view and return to the contact list.

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(2) sort options

Where to tap
Sort selector displayed
Sorted entries

Tap on “Sort by” to sort the entries. The entries will be rearranged according to your selection.

(3) select a contact

Where to tap
One contact selected
Two contacts selected

Tap on a contact to select it. The counter on the top shows how many contacts you have selected.

(4) restore contact

Where to tap
Popup with confirmation
Contacts removed from old contacts
Contacts displayed in contact list view

Tap on the “arrow” symbol and then “confirm” to restore the selected contacts. They are displayed in your contact list afterwards and are also included in the local device phone book.

Where to tap
Keyboard displayed
Search typed

Tap on “search” to open the keyboard. You search in the name while typing.

(6) delete selected

Where to tap
Delete popup
Contact deleted

Tap on the “trash” symbol and on “DELETE” to delete the selected contacts permanently. You can't restore them afterwards.

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