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Overview of the scheduler

Functions highlighted

You can access the scheduler by tapping on “Occasion” in the main menu. It shows you all your meetings, parties, reminders and other communications and therefore offers you a time line for your daily personal organization. You can filter this time line per day, occasion category and time interval to gain a perfect overview of your social interactions.

In the scheduler you can search and open occasions and you can create new ones.

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Following information are displayed

  • Date from which occasions are displayed
  • Time interval filter and category filter (if set)
  • Occasions elements with category symbol, occasion name, description, rating, start date and time, end date and time
  • Options to search and create new occasions

Main features in comparison to other apps

Plan your day: ContactShip has a complete scheduler integrated.

ContactShip comes with a complete scheduler integrated. Create single or recurring appointments, set reminders and best of all add interactions with the people during each meeting, event, phone call, video chat etc.

Be flexible: use reminders and anniversaries.

Create reminders for birthdays and other occasions of the past, or for memorable interaction with the people special to you. Never miss an anniversary. On top, ContactShip supports you with automated reminders to reconnect to people with pattern of your choice.

Time based structure: view the scheduler or the timeline per contact.

ContactShip offers you both sides: Visit the timeline per contact in the single contact view or watch your overall occasions and interactions in the scheduler.

Features and functions

(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap “X” co close the scheduler and to return to the contact list view.

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(2) deleted occasions

Where to tap
Sub menu
Olt Occasions View

Tap on the “three dot” symbol to open the “three dot” menu and tap on “Deleted occasions” to open the old occasions view.

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(3) select date

Where to tap
Day and month selector displayed
Year selector displayed
Updated occasion list

Tap on the “date” displayed to open the selectors. Tap on the "year" to open the year selector. Tap left or right from "month" to change the month and tap on "day" to select the day. Tap on "OK" to confirm or tap on "CANCEL".

(4) select filter

Where to tap
Filter Category Popup
Category selected
Filtered occasion list

Tap on “Filter categories” to open the filter categories popup and to choose which type of categories you want to display. Confirm your selection with “OKAY” or “CANCEL” without applying a filter.

(5) filter time interval

Where to tap
Interval selector displayed
1 week displayed
1 day displayed

Tap on “Filter 1 Month” to open the time interval selector. Now you can choose if you want to display the occasions from 1 day, 1 week or a month. Tap on the time interval or “Cancel” without changing the time interval.

(6) open occasion

Where to tap
Single Occasion View

Tap on an occasion to open the single occasion view. Here you can access the interactions, set notifications, create an anniversary or change the occasion.

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(7) scroll list

Where to tap
List scrolled down

Scroll the scheduler up and down to navigate through the occasions.

Where to tap
Keyboard displayed
Search while typing

Tap on “search” to open the keyboard. You search in the names of the occasions of the selected time interval while typing. If you tap the “search” symbol you search for the name and descriptions of all occasions.

(9) create new occasion

Where to tap
New Occasion View

Tap on “+” to open the new occasion view and to create a new occasion.

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Summary scheduler

  • You access the scheduler through the main menu
  • It shows you all the occasions you have created
  • Frome here you can access an occasion or you can create a new one
  • You can use date, category filter, time interval and search to navigate your occasions