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Overview of the sections of the new contact view

Sections overview

You can access the new contact view by tapping “+” in the contact list view. In this view you can create new contacts by entering the information you want and by tapping on “SAVE”. You can put unlimited information while creating a new contact but we suggest you to stick to the basics and to add additional information in the single contact view.

Please be aware: all the details are saved when you tap on “SAVE” there is no draft functionality.

This view differs a lot from other tools because we structure your data in different section for different types of information.

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Following information are displayed

  • Some fields for basic information (first name, last name, rating, marked, photo, relation)
  • 1 contact detail (= how to reconnect)
  • 1 timeline element (= how you met)
  • Option to add more basic data
  • Options to add more section entries

Main features in comparison to other apps

Save what matters most: create your new contact with the most important facts

Standard phone books and CRM solutions don’t guide you while creating a new contact. ContactShip App shows you the most important fields: Who you met! How you stay in contact! Where and how you met!

If you insert just this three information you will boost the general overview of your contacts right from the start!

Save more information: use different data sections to ease your data management

ContactShip App not only shows you the details you should enter for the start, you can also save any further information you want. To makes things smooth and easy for you, we work with different data sections. This well-fitted structure you won’t find anywhere else.

Summary new contact view

  • You access it through the contact list view (tap on the “+” left, bottom).
  • ContactShip shows you the most important fields right away.
  • You structure the information via categories.
  • Write the attribute you want and a further description.
  • You can mark and rate the details you enter.