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Overview of the Interactions View

Functions highlighted

You can access the interactions view by tapping on the “chat” symbol in the single occasion view.

Interactions are about your communication and impressions with the people around you. It’s about planning and documenting you interaction with your family, friends and people you meet.

In the interaction view you can view, manage, add, rate and mark your interactions with people of the occasion. Because the interactions have their own time dimension there is a date selector.

You can also switch to the occasion and notification view and you can also use the three dot menu to delete and stop the occasion or visit the old interactions.

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Following information are displayed

  • General features of the occasion view (three dot menu, icons to switch the view)
  • Interaction per person with picture, first name, last name, category, description, start date and end date
  • Option to mark, rate and edit an interaction
  • Plus symbol to add more interactions

Main features in comparison to other apps

There are interactions at all.

Most apps and even desktop solutions use appointments or events as one dimensional time based elements. You can create an event and you maybe can add people to it. But that’s all. ContactShip offers interaction as additional time dimension. Through interactions you can add an unlimited amount of people to an occasion and you can use them to really document what has happened. One person can even be in an occasion multiple times, for example if you had different communications during the event. This offers you a lot of additional possibilities.

Create a real relationship history per contact and social circle.

Because interactions are related to time based elements (occasions) and a person you can create a real relationship history per contact. And because you can connect different people to each occasion you will achieve a perfect overview of your social circles and encounters. You document once but achieve both.

Features and functions

You can access and use the general functions of the occasion view on the top.

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(1) show last day

Where to tap
The day before displayed

Tap on the “left right” symbol to show the interactions of the occasion from the previous day.

(2) show next day

Where to tap
The day after displayed

Tap on the “arrow right” symbol to show the interactions of the occasion from the next day.

(3) select date

Where to tap
Date selector displayed
Date selected
Date displayed in the Interaction View

Tap on the “date” displayed to open the selectors. Tap on the "year" to open the year selector. Tap left or right from "month" to change the month and tap on "day" to select the day. Tap on "OK" to confirm or tap on "CANCEL".

(4) scroll list

Where to tap
List scrolled down

Scroll the interactions view up and down to navigate through the interactions.

(5) edit / delete / open

Where to tap
Sub menu displayed

Tap on the “three dots” symbol next to the interaction to open the three dot submenu. Here are the functions to edit or delete an interaction and to open the contact.

(5.1) edit interaction
Edit view displayed

Tap on the “three dots” symbol next to the interaction and on “Edit” to open the edit modus of the interaction

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(5.2) delete interaction
Interaction deleted

Tap on the “three dots” symbol next to the interaction and on “Delete” to mark the interaction as old.

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(5.3) open contact
Edit Occasion View

Tap on the “three dots” symbol next to the interaction and on “Open Contact” to open the single contact view.

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(6) rate interaction

Where to tap
Rating selector displayed
Rated occasion

Tap the “rate” symbol to rate the interaction. You can choose between 5 ratings (green to red) or not rated (grey). Rating makes it easier for you to evaluate your interactions with a person. If you rate your interactions with someone bad several times, you maybe should reconsider your relation to this person.

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(7) mark interaction

Where to tap
Marked occasion

Tap on the box to “mark” or “unmark” an interactions. Marked interactions will be displayed in the mark entry list of a contact. With this features you can point out details you think are especially important.

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(8) add interaction

Where to tap
Select Contact View

Tap on “plus” button to add interactions to the occasion. A list of all your contact will open and you can mark and unmark contacts, search for them and accept or cancel your changes. For each marked contact an interaction will be created.

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Summary Interactions View

  • You access it through tapping on the chat symbol in the single occasion view.
  • Here you can view, add or edit the interactions of the occasion.
  • The interactions use a additional time dimension and therefore can have different times than the occasion.
  • You can mark and rate each interaction.
  • Each person can be related to an occasion multiple times.
  • The interactions are also displayed in the contact history of each person.