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In this article we describe how you can install and setup the ContactShip App in a few easy steps. The entire installation and setup process can be completed in less than a minute. During the installation you are provided with further information like the terms of use and the data privacy policy from both Google and ContactShip. Because it’s an Android App you start the installation process in the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

Step 1: Select the ContactShip App in Google Play Store and tap on “Install”

The download starts after you tap on “Install” and the ContactShip-App will be installed. The download has a size of around 20 MB therefore please consider downloading the App while you use a WLAN.

After the installation Google Play Store offers you the options “Uninstall” and “Open”.

Step 2: Tap on “Open” to start the ContactShip App

When you tap on “open” your device will start the ContactShip App and you can continue with the basic setup.

Loading Screen

This is the loading screen which is displayed for a few seconds during startup of the app. If your device needs a lot of time to open the ContactShip App it probably isn't fast enough to use it in an acceptable way (You will be able to use all functions anyway but it won't be fun waiting constantly).

ContactShip App Basic Setup

Important regarding data consumption

If you are a premium user and have been using ContactShip App before, you should consider using WLAN during the basic setup. Your data will be synchronized from our servers to your device and this might result in a lot of data consumption.

Step 1: Welcome Screen tap “Let's start”

Welcome Screen

Thank you very much for trying out our App! We hope you will love our approach and you will find it useful for your everyday life.

This is our welcome screen. Please tap “Lets start” to continue.

Step 2: Introduction Screen tap “Next”

Introduction Screen

The introduction screen gives a short summary of the concept of ContactShip App. It’s meant for all the people loading our app because of recommendations without reading about it up front. It’s a very brief summary.

Please tap on “Next” to continue.

Step 3: Permission Screen tap “Continue” and then “Allow”

Permission Screen
Permission Popup

Like most apps ContactShip App needs some device permissions to work probably. Permissions are about certain functions of your device with restricted access. Please tap “Continue” to open the permission screen. Because ContactShip is about contact management we need the permission to access your device contacts.

Access to your contacts: To read and write contact details in your device address book. Please tap “ALLOW” to allow ContactShip App to access your device address book because otherwise it won’t work.

The app won’t access your contact in the moment. You can choose later from which of your accounts you want to include contacts in the ContactShip App.

Step 4: Registration Screen tap left of “I Agree” to set the tick and tap on “Continue With Gmail Account” (select the Google Account on the popup if you have more than one connected to your device.)

Registration Screen
I agree selected
Account Popup

On the registration screen are some details about how we handle the data of our users. Our company is located in Jena, Germany and we follow the legal and data privacy regulations of Germany and the European Union. You can read more about it by tapping the links:

“user terms”: general legal regulations applying if you want to use the ContactShip App.

“privacy policy”: detailed Information about how we work with the data of our users.

Please “tick” I agree and tap on “Continue With Gmail Account”

To register for ContactShip App you must use a Google account, because we use the Google infrastructure to manage our users and subscriptions. By connecting our app to your Google account we don’t synchronize data of your contacts to Google. Your data is stored on your device and for premium users we use servers not related to Google for the synchronization between devices and furher backups.

We use your Google account tokens (OAuth 2) to validate and secure your user access to our servers, and for statistics, payments etc. and you can manage ContactShip App in your Google Play Store as well.

You can decide later on to include your contacts from Google in the ContactShip App and to use your Google Drive for backup.

The “Choose an Account” popup only appears if you have more than one Google account connected to your device. Tap on the “account” you want to use to manage ContactShip in the Google Play Store.

(Step 5: Device management screen select device you don’t want to use any more and tap “DELETE”)

Device Management
Device selected

If you have been using ContactShip with your Google Account before there might be already devices connected to it. Depending on your subscription you might need to delete one of the old or active devices before continuing with the new one. Multiple devices are only supported by the premium subscription, because they use our server infrastructure for additional backups and cross device synchronization and therefore need space and cause costs.

Choose (“tick”) the device to delete and tap “delete”. It won’t effect the data you saved on the device it only removes the synchronization between the deleted device and our platform.

Step 6: Account synchronization screen. Choose accounts and tap “sync contacts” or choose “Close” if you don’t want to include contacts

Synchronization screen

You can decide from which of the accounts connected to your device you want to include the contacts in ContactShip App by selecting one or many of them in the account synchronization screen and pressing on “SYNC CONTACTS” afterwards.

The contacts of this accounts will be imported in the local database of the ContactShip App and also be synchronized with our servers if you are a premium user for the additional backups and cross device synchronization. If you don’t want to import data please tap “close” on the top left.

If you are reinstalling the app you should skip this step by pressing “close” and use the backup in your Google Drive and as a premium user skip the step because your contacts are synchronized from our servers automatically.

If you change basic information of your contacts later on in the ContactShip App, the changes will be applied to your local address book as well. Be aware that most of the information you guard in the ContactShip App can’t be saved or displayed in your local address book.

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Step 7: Welcome to the contact list view!

Contact List View

Congratulations! You have finished the setup of the ContactShip app and you can now use it. With the next app start you will access the contact list view directly.

Comment about reinstallation for premium user:

If you have used ContactShip App before your data will be synchronized from our server directly to your device. It might take a while until you see all the information and contact photos.

Comment about reinstallation for free users:

You need to install your backup from Google Drive manually.

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Summary installation and basic setup

  • You can download the ContactShip App in the Google Play Store
  • Without the permission to access your local contact the app won’t work
  • You need a Google Account to register
  • You might need to delete an old device before connecting the new one to your account
  • You choose from which accounts you want to manage contacts inside the app
  • If you used the app before you should restore from you Google Drive Backup
  • Premium user synchronize their data from our servers