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Overview data concept

ContactShip App has an integrated two steps deletion process which allows you to restore most of the entries you delete. You can also backup your data in your Google Drive to restore your complete database from it. If you become a premium user your data will also have a backup on our central servers and copies on your other ContactShip App devices.

Main features in comparison to other apps

Restore entries you deleted in the old entries sections.

Standard address books and personal CRM solutions mostly delete your data as soon you delete an entry. Therefore, if you delete something for example out of an accident you have no possibility to get it back. With the two step deletion process of ContactShip App you can restore old entries directly inside the app.

Multilayer data storage concept

If you decide to become a premium user you can benefit from the multilayer data storage concept to protect you from losing data:

  1. Database on your local device with two step deletion process (also for free user)
  2. Backup on your Google Drive (also for free user)
  3. Central data servers of ContactShip (hosted in Germany)
  4. Mirrored server of the data (hosted in Germany)
  5. ContactShip Backupserver (hosted in Germany)
  6. Clone of the complete infrastructure in a second data center (hosted in Germany)
  7. Local database on your second devices
  8. Local database on your third device

How the deletion and restore concept works

Two step deletion of entries

Overview of two step deletion
2-step deletion process

When you delete an entry it will be marked as old and removed from the active views. If you open the old entries view you can restore the entry in most cases. To delete an entry for good you need to select it in the old entries section and tap on the “trash” symbol.

Types of entries with the two step deletion process and exemptions

Not all entries you delete can be restored in this ways, therefore here is an overview.

Type of entry works Exemptions & comments
Contact - Contact Data Partly A certain phone number can only be active once per contact. Therefore restoring doesn’t work if the phone number is already displayed.
Contact - Group memberships Partly A person can only be once part of a group. If a group membership is already there the restoring won't work.
Contacts Yes If you delete a contact in the old contact view all items related to it will be deleted for good as well.
Groups Yes If you delete an old group in the old group view all group memberships will be deleted with it for good as well.
Occasion (entry in the scheduler) Yes If you delete a occasion in the old occasion view all notifications and interactions will be deleted with it for good as well.
Contact - Basic data No They are show in the old attributes but can’t be restored.
Custom Categories No You can only delete a custom category if there are no attributes connected to it. If you delete a custom category all old attributes connected to it will be deleted permanently as well.
Contact - Descriptions Yes
Contact - Interactions Yes
Contact - Friend Circle Yes
Contact - Descriptions for custom categories Yes
Contact Photos No
Lists Partly Only restore delete lists no restore of changes
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Local Backup Process

Overview of the local backup process

To secure your data we integrated a Google Drive Backup process in the ContactShip App. You can manually start the backup and use the backups later on for:

  1. Overwriting all your data on your device, the ContactShip Server (only if you are premium user) and your other devices (only if you are premium user). You will lose all your activities in the app between the backup and the current date (= Full rollback).
  2. If you want to install the app on a new device if you aren’t a premium user (Premium user sync the data on their device during the set up process).

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Synchronisation processes (only premium user)

Overview of the synchronization processes

ContactShip allows a multiple device usage of the app. Because we need a server structure for the synchronization (which causes costs) we only offer this feature to our premium user. If you go premium you can synchronize the ContactShip App on up to three devices.

Our servers are hosted in the data centers of 1&1 Ionos located in Germany. This company has an ISO27001 certification and therefore includes a lot of security services. We run the data on mirrored servers and also have an additional backup server.

When you start the app on one of your devices it will start the synchronization process with the ContactShip servers automatically and interchange new and changed data. In this way you will have your current data available on all of your devices.

If you make a full rollback from your Google Drive you will overwrite the data on all of your devices.

How to export your data

While using ContactShip App you might save a lot of information inside the app and ContactShip creates a lot of further information automatically. In addition, ContactShip uses a complex table structure to manage and structure all this details in a meaningful way.

Therefore exporting all this data out of the ContactShip app isn’t easy and so far it needs a lot of manual work. While you can create backups in your Google Drive (and if you are a premium user there is also a copy on the ContactShip server) you can't just save your data into another app. We are working on solutions to export csv files of single data tables but you can't just reduce a multidimension data concept to a one layer file. So far there is no data export available and you have to manually type the data where you want to have it.

We automatically synchronize First Name, Last Name and contact details with your device’s local database. Therefore, they are still available in your local address book app if you ever delete the app. However, all other data aren’t transferred because there is no place where to store them.

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Summary data concept

  • You have a two step deletion process for most entries and therefore you can restore entries you deleted
  • You can backup your data to Google Drive
  • Premium users can use ContactShip App on three devices with automated synchronization
  • ContactShip has a multilayer data storage concept