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How to delete your ContactShip account


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Data manaegment

If you want to know how to delete your account you need to know how the registration process of the ContactShip App works and where we keep your data.

Because we can only delete certain of your information but not all of them. Some data we just need to keep because of legal reasons and other data you have to delete yourself.

Here you can read about the reasons and how to proceed.

Registration process of the ContactShip App

The registration process of the ContactShip App has 4 steps:

Step 1: You download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Step 2: You setup the app and register with one of your Google Accounts. With this you grant the ContactShip access to the Google Library Token on your device and Google saves that you are a registered user of ContactShip.

Step 3: The app on your device connects with our servers and verifies with the Google Servers that you are a valid user (per your OAuth 2 access token).

Step 4: The app includes you to our user table.

We use the Google Play Store environment for a lot of our business processes and therefore we store data of you at Google and on our servers.

Where ContactShip App keeps which data of you

ContactShip App on your device

Here you save contacts and entries in the local ContactShip App database on your device. The ContactShip App accesses some functions of your device and also has access to the access token (OAuth 2) of your Google Account Library. Your device sends and fetches data from our server. For free users we only fetch data for the user validation, for premium users also for the data synchronization of the local app database.

You can allow ContactShip app to access your Google Drive and you can manually start a backups process from your device.

We can’t access neither your device nor your Google Drive and therefore you need to delete your data there yourself.

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Google Play Console (Google Play Store)

We use Google Play Store to manage our user and subscriptions therefore we keep some data of you there. In the order management we keep record of the orders of our premium user and Google keeps additional record of users and downloads.

This information can’t be deleted because we are obligated to keep it for the governments (taxation purposes) and Google has it’s own additional regulations.

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Steps to get rid of ContactShip App

Step 1: Terminate your premium subscription (deletes the server data)

If you aren’t a premium user anymore you won’t be able to use the synchronization and backup features and you won’t have any data space on our servers for your contacts and entries. Your data on our servers (besides the one in the user table) will be marked for deletion and will be deleted during our deletion routines.

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Step 2: Delete the ContactShip App from your device (deletes the local data)

In the settings page inside the ContactShip App you can remove the ContactShip IDs from your local address book. Afterwards you can remove the App.

Delete the ContactShip App from your device and you will delete it’s local database with it. Or access the “App Info” in android, tap on “storage/cache” and tap on “Clear Storage” to delete all permissions and all the app data. The data will be gone even if you reinstall ContactShip App.

Be aware that if you are still a premium user you can connect the ContactShip App with your account again and the data will be synchronized from our servers to your device. Therefore, you need to follow step 1 before step 2.

Step 3: Delete your backups in Google Drive (deletes the backup data)

To delete your backups in Google Drive you have to access your Google Drive and you need to enter the settings. In the settings tap on “manage apps”, scroll the list until you find ContactShip and tap on “options” and on “delete hidden app-data”. You can also cancel the permission of the ContactShip App to use your Google Drive.

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