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Overview custom categories

Functions highlighted

To access the custom categories you have to tap on “Categories” in the main menu. The custom category view shows you all the custom categories you have created. Custom categories are a premium feature and therefore you need to choose the payed subscription if you want to use them.

ContactShip App already offers you a wide range of categories to structure your entries in the description section of your contacts. Those categories range from ...

Animal … Cloths … Food … Look … People … Sport … Holidays … Wishes

This are a lot of categories but you might want more or different ones. With custom categories you can create whatever category you want for descriptions, and you use them in the custom section of your contacts to create description entries.

Custom categories are only available for descriptions items and not for occasions, interactions, social relations, group memberships or contact details.

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Main features in comparison to other apps

Create whatever category you want

Usually on their structural level apps and software solutions don’t give a lot of flexibility and stick to fixed selections and labels. ContactShip App works different and allows you to define your own categories for your descriptions. With custom categories you have a complete data section where you can structure your information how you like it. If you love tennis, save the match results. If you are into dancing, rate how good a dance partner is for each dance style. etc.

Where you can create custom categories

There are different places in the ContactShip App where you can define new custom categories:

Features and functions

Premium popup

Premium popup

If you are not a premium user for most of the functions (besides delete (3) and show usage (4)) you will get a pop up message stating that the feature is only available for premium users. You can become a premium user in a few taps.

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(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on “X” to close the custom categories and return to the contact list.

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(2) edit category

Where to tap
Rename popup
Keyboard opened
Category name typed
Category name changed

Tap on the “pencil” symbol to edit the name of a category. Type or voice write the new name and tap on “SAVE” to confirm the change or “CANCEL”. There can’t be two categories with the same name.

3) show delete

Where to tap
Delete displayrd
Delete popup

Slide a category right and tap “DELETE” to delete a category. If you confirm the category will be deleted permanently. Please be aware:

  • You can’t restore deleted categories (besides with a full restore from a Google Drive Backup
  • If you delete a category all old attributes using this category will be deleted as well
Category in use
Delte message
Category deleted
  • You can only delete a custom category which is not used with active attributes

(4) show usage

Where to tap
Usage button displayed
Attributes View

Slide a category left and tap on “USAGE” to display which active attributes are using it. I this list you can delete the active attributes by tapping on the “trash” symbol and you can return to the category view.

How to work with the attributes view
Overview functions attribute view

In the attribute view you can see how the category is used for attributes. You can delete them to enable the deletion of the category.

(4.1) close category view
Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on “X” to close the custom categories and return to the contact list.

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(4.2) back to list
Where to tap
Category List View

Tap the “arrow” symbol to return to the category list.

(4.3) delete attribute
Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on the “trash” symbol to delete an attribute. You can restore it through the old attributes viw if you keep the category.

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(5) add category

Where to tap
Create category popup
Type name
Category created

To add a new category tap the “plus” symbol. A pop up will be shown where you can enter the name of the category. There can’t be two categories with the same name. You can use the categories in the custom section of single contacts and in the new contact view to create descriptions.

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Where to tap
Keyboard displayed
Write search term

Tap on “Search” to open the keyboard and to search in the names of the categories. The search works while typing. .

(7) no function

Where to tap

This function isn’t used for the moment.

Summary custom categories

  • Custom categories allow you to define your own data categories for descriptions.
  • Descriptions of custom categories are managed at the custom section of your contacts.
  • You can define whatever category you want.
  • You can filter for your categories and you can use them in lists.
  • The custom categories can be defined while adding descriptions or in the custom category view in the main menu.
  • Only custom categories not used for active attributes can be deleted.