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Overview birthdays view

Functions highlighted

You can access the birthday view by tapping on "birtday" in the main menu

The birthday view shows you all upcoming birthdays of your contacts in one overview and you can access or rate the contacts and you can quick add attributes.

Premium user can also convert a list into a group.

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Following information are displayed

  • contact photo of the list members
  • first name and last name of the group members
  • your contact rating

Features and functions

(1) leave view

Where to tap
Lists and Groups View

Tap on the “arrow” to return to the lists and groups view.

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(2) create group (premium)

Where to tap
Three dot menu
Create Group popup
Keyboard and group name insert
Birthday list after create
New Group accessible via Group and Lists View

Tap on the “three dot” symbol and on “create group” to create a group with the contacts from this list. If you use a filter, the group will be limited to the filtered contacts. Type a name and description and tap on “CREATE” to proceed or “CANCEL” to abort. If you are not a premium user the Premium Pop up will be displayed.

The group allows you to manually add or remove member in a second step.

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(3) filter options

Where to tap
Fitler options
Filtered list

Tap on "Show all" to filter your contacts. You can limit the list to birthday Today, this week (8 days), one month, six month or all. If you create a group as PREMIUM user, the group will only contain contacts corresponding to this filter

(4) quick contact rating

Where to tap
Quick rating displayed
Rated contact

Tap on the "arrow" symbol next to a contact to rate it. The quick rating allows you to rate your relation to a person with two taps regardless of your personal status/social closeness to each other. This is a complete new dimension of working with your contacts. Point out “red flags” and people you love to hang out with in this easy way.

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(5) open single contact

Where to tap
Single Contact View

Tap on the picture or the name of a person to open the single contact view. Here you can manage all the information about that person. If you close the single contact by tapping “X” you will return to the contact list.

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(6) show quick add info

Where to tap
Plus button displayed
Quick add popup

Slide a contact left and tap on “plus” to open the quick add popup. Here you can quickly add a contact detail or a description for the person.

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