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You can access the backup view by tapping on “Backup” in the "Settings". This view allows you to create a backup of your data in the ContactShip App ob your Google Drive and it also offers the function to restore from a backup. If you use the backup functions for the first time you need to grant permission to the ContactShip App to access your Google Drive and to create an app folder.

Be aware, that if you restore a backup you add data in the ContactShip App on your device, and if you are a premium user, this changes will also be committed to our servers and to your other devices.

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Features and functions

Grant access to Google Drive

Google message
Backup error popup

If you use the backup view the first time you need to grant ContactShip App the permission to use your Google Drive by tapping “allow” on the message. If you don’t allow the access you can’t create a backup.t

(1) close view

Where to tap
Contact List View

Tap on the arrow symbol to return to the settings view.

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(2) create backup

Where to tap
Backup replacement popup
Backup created

ap on “Backup” to start the backup process. Your old backup will be replaced if you start a new backup. Tap “OKAY” in the popup to start the backup.

Be aware that if you have a lot of contacts and data stored in your ContactShip App we suggest you to start backups only if you are in a LAN or WLAN because you might cause a lot of traffic. The ContactShip App always makes a full backup of all the data therefore the backup might take some time to complete.

You can’t use the app during the backup.

(3) restore from backup

Where to tap
Confirmation popup

Tap on “Restore” to restore old data from the backup. If you restore a backup, information in your backup which is not already on your device will be saved as OLD data on your device. This means, contacts will be saved as old contacts, attributes as old attributes, events etc. corresponding. Tap on “CONFIRM” to proceed. The backup will be loaded and the data will be added.