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Riding the friendship wave

The issue we address

Being a (good) friend isn’t easy because there are a lot of things we need to remember, and we also need to put in the effort to keep in touch. Because our lives are all busy, we will lose track of our friends’ lives if there is no structure in the relationship and we rely on spontaneous interactions.

Most people still rely on their phonebook or paper and pencil solutions to manage their private contacts, if they even do that. Awareness could be an issue because people still think that losing contact with old friends is something normal. They think that’s life, but we know that it doesn’t have to be true.

Losing touch with friends and even family can be avoided with a proper relationship management. Of course, you can always decide to not keep in contact, but that should be an active choice.

Friendships made easier

Our solution

ContactShip is an app for a private relationship management. It makes it easier to stay in touch with family, friends, and everyone we meet.

We focus on the needs of average people who have a variety of contacts.

Get a better overview: always know which friend or contact needs attention.

Have perfect timing: never miss an important date or anniversary.

Know what's important: all relevant facts combined in one place.

360 degree relationship management

Some more details

We work with a complex data model which allows you the most flexibility possible in the type of info you can save. We know we can’t tell our users what’s important to them. We ensured that they can add any information they want and still have the experience be simple and seamless.

We integrated a rating system. You can rate almost everything, which enables another level of data structuring.

We work and actively use timestamps. Timestamps are perfect to structure data in long-term relationships. Without them you won’t be able to keep on top of all the details you will add.

Automatic reminders are part of many systems, but we allow to set them for every contact different and because we included a whole scheduler, you can combine them on all data levels.

Cross-Contact Analysis through lists is probably our most complex feature. Our users can create automated lists to really work with their data.

some more about us

A little about us

We are three founders living in Germany who met through Couchsurfing in 2016 and had the idea about better private relationship management in 2017.

Two years later we developed our concept and took part in the founder program of the ESF/GFAW for innovation-based start-up projects in November 2019 for 1 year. Now we are nearly ready to launch.

Our company is based in Jena, Germany, but we are also targeting the US and Canadian markets because we believe that North Americans could benefit from personal relationship management like we already have here.