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How did the idea come to be?

"The idea came up already in 2017. But like always, first it takes a while for you to really focus and think ‘This actually could become something pretty cool!’

While I was sitting together with friends, one browsed through his address book and then suddenly he asked ‘Do you know Christi?’
‘No. Who is she?’ I answered
‘have no Idea … But I have her phone number.’ He said
‘Then just call her and ask her.’ I said
But to that he responded ‘No. That would be awkward. Maybe her number has been here for ages.’
‘Then just look at when you added it!’ I said
‘Mhh … there is no option for that.’ He said.

And then we discovered that there were many more contacts like Christi in our smartphones. And that a lot more important features were missing in our address book apps".
Harvinder Singh Mand

What is ContactShip?

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The founders

Founder Harvinder Singh Mand
Harvinder Singh Mand

Apps & Angular developer
Backend & IT-infrastructure
Born: December 17, 1990, India
Lives in: Leipzig, Germany

Likes: Traveling, cooking, hanging out
Dislikes: Spicy food

Founder Matthias Klausing
Matthias Klausing

Company organization
Product commercialization
Born: December 17, 1980, Germany
Lives in: Jena, Germany

Likes: Latin dancing, traveling, sports, talking
Dislikes: Disarray, capers


Our milestones so far

We really started with the project in 2019 by developing the concept and presenting it to a start-up committee, to get some funding to be able to work on it. We were extremely nervous but were still able to convince the jury!

After we got the funding, Harvinder and our co-founder Ankit, who has since left the project, quit their jobs and got to work. We are still on it and love our concept more and more every single day.

Our vision

We want to change the way people handle their private contacts, because proper contact handling is becoming more and more important in this digital age - also for private people!

Through digitalization the world gets smaller and therefore we meet more people, and we also receive more information about them. Our brain is just not made to save or even structure all this data, therefore it needs digital support. On the other hand, our contacts have higher expectations and are less forgiving of mistakes. Because the next "best" friend is just one tap or swipe away ... even if this is sad.

Our mission

We want to provide you with the necessary tools to be able to achieve a new level of understanding of your contacts, their relations, and their wishes. This makes us get up in the morning and discuss (sometimes in a heated manner) concepts, methods, and features. Because we really want to make our vision a reality!
Don’t leave your private life to chance and become part of our story!
And if you love ContactShip as much as we do, please choose a paid subscription, so that we can raise the funds we need to make our concept even better.